Thursday, 31 January 2013

Afrikaans Poetry Rap

Gr5/11 year olds, Imogen, Jessica and Zoe rap "Met My Hande"
(Translation from Afrikaans: "With My Hands"),
a poem about using the different parts of your body.

As a reward for getting the loudest claps, they each won a Jelly Baby!


  1. Good afternoon Miss Tyler-Smith's 9-12 Montessori Class
    It looks like you are doing lots of interesting activities in the classroom this week!

  2. Miss Tyler Smith
    Thank you so much for your comments on our class page in New Zealand, I shared it with our class this morning and I know it is the first comment that we have recieved from South Africa in a very long time. We would love to see your version of our photographic slideshow and we'd also absolutely love to collaborate with a lunch activity.

    I know a lot of other classes and teachers would do the same so please let us know how we can help and I will put some students from our class in charge of it.

    Wonderful to hear from you.

    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

  3. Miss Tyler Smith
    I see Mr Webb has made it in just ahead of me! Thanks for your comment on our blog.

    Like Mr Webb we would love to link in some way. We would love to learn a little Afrikaans and share something we know with you.

    Miss T. Room 8 St Patrick's School New Zealand.

  4. Mr Webb and Miss T

    That would be wonderful! If you put together a few questions for us we will do the same. I can possibly rework our themes and sllot in a theme about New Zealand next term (March - June)

    A few starter questions from the early arrival children in my class (it's 7am)

    1. Do you have KFC in NZ?
    > We do have KFC. Seth especially LOVES the rounder.

    2. Please teach us a few words in Maori.
    > Goeie More, my naam is ___. E woon in Kaapstad(Good morning, my name is ___. I live in Kaapstad.

    3. We are swapping stickers at the moment, do you do this?

    4. Nina in our class has visited NZ and ate snow while there.. She'd like to know if any of you have eaten snow.

    5. Do any of your students like super heros, if so, which ones?
    > Children here like Superman and Spiderman.

    6. What is your favourite food?
    > Our favourite foods are BBQ ribs, Spaghetti Bol, Bobotjie, boerewors, curry and bryani.

    7. What TV programmes do you watch?
    > We watch Jessie, Ant Farm, Wizards of Waverly Place, iCarly, Victorious and Big Band Theory.

    8. Do you have Disney channel there?

    9. How much pocket money do most children in NZ get per week?
    > We get between R10 - R30 a week. (SA Rands)

    10. How does your teacher reqward you if you do very well?
    > We get stickers and stars and small prizes from the prize box.

    1. Dear Class
      I will alert my class to these questions and hopefully from tomorrow on some of them can answer them I will also get them to prepare some questions to ask you all.
      Miss T
      New Zealand

    2. Dear Class

      Our class gets pocket money between 0 to 40 dollars

      Josh Miss T's class
      New Zealand

    3. Dear class
      For your first and most important question I will have to say yes. We have a lot more than just KFC though. We have McDonalds, Burger King , Wendys , Chinese , Indian , Lots of fast food pizza places ( my favourite is Hells pizza ), and a lot more that you would be put in a coma. KFC is not my favourite and please don't boo me because there is a lot of places to order unhealthy food here in NZ and some people live of it and it does not have a good affect on your body. :)
      Miss T's class

    4. Hello Class,
      I am Miss Trask's Person to answer question 7.
      We watch all of those programs too in our classroom we also watch-The News,The Rugby,The Football,CSI,CSI: Miami,CSI: New York,The Mentalist,Myth Busters,The Magic of Science,Scardy Squirrel,Man vs Wild.

      From Cameron
      New Zealand

    5. Dear class
      Sorry for this one being so late and stuff. This one was are favourite foods and me Vaughan is answering all the food questions and please do not ask why. Apples, fish and chips ( a very kiwi meal ) ,chocolate ,salami , hells pizza , fries, spaghetti bol ( that was not copy right to use bol) , bacon , fejoa , fruit , lasagne. I asked people more than twice (especially the guy who said apples) and that is what I came up with, some wired but wonderful foods. :)
      miss t's class
      over and out

    6. Hi Nina, and your class,

      I have eaten snow, and same with the rest of the year 8 kids at this school, because we went on a ski trip to Mount Ruapehu last year, in term 4. We all had a great time with GINORMOUS snowball fights, lots of tobogganing/sledding, and staying in cabins at a place called the 'Ski Haus'. And, of course, skiing and boarding! It was very exciting.

      I have probably eaten quite a lot more snow than others, though, (It tastes great if you fill a cup with snow and pour coke into it, then mix it. That creates a coke slushy! Will you promise to try that if you ever go somewhere with snow again?) because I've been skiing since I was 3. But I snowboard now. Whenever I go up the mountain, I stay in a hut that is actually on the mountain. It's rather... difficult to get to it... You've got to climb up and down and up and down huge rocky, snow-covered hills, with all the packs and bags! But it is DEFINITELY worth it, I love the mountain.

      What mountain did you go to, Nina? And if you went to Mt Ruapehu, which side did you go to, Whakapapa, or Turoa?

      From Monique,
      Miss T's class,

    7. Dear Class,
      I am here to answer question 3. While you swap stickers, we used to swap marbles on marble day, along with Pokemon cards and toy cars during morning tea and lunch time. Although we don't do it anymore some students might say about it that it's 'so out of fashion'. Is there anything else you do world wide, or as a community? If so then can you please alert me and Miss T's class? It would be great if you could. I hope to have the time to comment onto this blog again and read more interesting things.

      New Zealand

  5. Priscilla Carolissen1 February 2013 at 19:24

    Dear Monties

    Your Afrikaans is improving...

    The poem/rap made me SMILE!

    Keep it up

  6. Josh, Vaughan and Cameron

    Thank you for your rep-lies. They made the students laugh!
    Seth says he knows that KFC is bad for him but he "just can't help himself!" :o)

    The students in my class are aged 9-12 and so they aren't allowed to watch many of the programs you mentioned, but perhaps when they are older.

    Thank you again for your beautifully written replies.

    Claire Tyler-Smith

  7. Miss Tyler Smith and class
    Some of the girls made a video of greetings in maori for you to view on our blog. Here is the

    Miss T

  8. Hi Monique
    no I have not been to Mt Ruapehu but I would like to. No I have not tasted a coke slush but I have slush maker and I will make one. I went to a mountain but I forgot what the name was. I went to NZ twice and I went when I was 6,7 I remember a lot. I have a cousin named Bruce and Robbin and Nico. I have a lot of memories about NZ I would like to know how is it there were like to go eat and how old are you I am 11 I am going to be 12.I would like to get to know you bye


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