Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Our first week of Term 1

We wrote stories about robots and we made space men. - Neo
We designed our own robot and alien invasion.- Kane
We enjoyed unpacking our new stationery. It was shiny and new. I can't wait to use it all. - Summer
We enjoyed the colouring of the cover pages of our new themes. I used my new new pencil crayons and made my covers so bright and colourful. - Jessica
We did a quiz on discovering if you are left brain or right brain dominant. Most of us were "lefties" but there were a few "righties" or 50/50. - Imogen

We divided into groups of 4 students and came up with a group name, a star chart and rules. The group names are:
  • Busters
  • Pythons
  • Spain
  • Zues Lightning
  • The PBM Kidz
These are our class rules. We are going to try hard to stick to them. We have this poster printed out and coloured in on our classroom wall. What are your class rules? Are they the same as ours or are they different? - Miss Tyler-Smith

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