Monday, 11 February 2013

General Knowledge 3

1.       What traditional festival/holiday began yesterday and is observed by Chinese people all over the world? 
2.       Which two soccer teams played in the final of the African Cup of Nations last night? 
3.       Which month is named after the Roman god of war?  
4.       What is the male reproductive organ of a flower called?
5.       Choose the odd one out: Tanganyika; Kariba; Zambezi; Victoria.  
6.       Rhebus puzzle (please write it on the board) earearwet.  
7.       What do we call people who start fires illegally?  
8.       What is the mathematical term for a perfectly round ball?  
9.       Which music awards ceremony is known as “Music’s Biggest Night”?  
10.   What is the name of Wallace, the inventor’s dog?

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