Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Victorians 1837 - 1901

We are learning about the Victorians in English. Here is a very good link to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victorians
Queen Victoria.
A poor neighbourhood in Victorian Scotland.
What was life like for Victorian children?

I am studying Victorian Children. I think that there are lots of differences because children sometimes worked then. Some differences were in clothes, schools, toys and homes.
Toys were different. Children didn't play with Gameboys and Playstations. They played with dolls ,dolls houses, rocking horses board games, tin and lead soldiers and clockwork trains. For leisure children from rich families played in the garden. Children played with Boolahs, skipping ropes, marbles and stones used as footballs. Sometimes Hopscotchs were marked out with chalk.
In Victorian times, schools were sometimes horrible places to be. Classes were large and teachers were strict. At first, people had to pay a few pence a week. Parents weren't happy, children couldn't work and earn money. In the1880s a law was passed that all children must attend school until they were 12 years old. The subjects children learnt were reading writing and arithmetic or the 3 R's. They also learnt Geography and History. Girls learnt sewing ,boys learnt gardening or technical drawing. Punishments were a caning, the slipper or the dunce hat. Once a year an inspector tested them on what they had learnt. If they failed the exam ,they remained in the same class.
Jennifer Grade 5, London, England 2012


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