Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Advice for Mrs Greyvenstein's baby boy

Our school's Art teacher is going on leave to have a baby. We gave her a very soft white fleece blanket with grey ellies and beige bunnies on it and so that her tow spaniels don't get jealous, we also gave her two chew toys! Here is some of the advice we wrote for her in the card Miss Tyler-Smith made:

Adin - When you give him a toy, make sure he doesn’t lick it. 
Fikile - Don’t let him talk to or take things from strangers. 
Imogen – Don’t let him eat sand.  
 Jessica – Never let him play with a stick. I have learnt that the hard way with my brother.
Kane - Don’t let him drive in the car seat without the buckle.
Khaya – Do not let him get dirty.
Neo - Don’t give him too much or too little attention, let him become independent
Nina – Never go out without taking fresh diapers and a towel. 
Rizwaan – Buy a leash and harness for your baby. 
Seth - Don’t spoil the baby too much.
Skye – Don’t let him eat stones
Summer - Put a peg on your nose before you change the nappy. 
Tomas – Always pack extra nappies.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Ms Tyler-Smith,
    Imran's advice to Mrs Greyvenstein would be to love and comfort the baby when he cries and play with him.
    He can't wait to join your class next year!
    I think your blog is really cool.
    Interested Mom


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