Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Darren Swanepoel

 Short clip of Darren wak-boarding as his wedding entrance!

Longer clip of the entrance and wedding:

 We are doing free choice research projects and Kane and Adin are researching Skateboarding and surfing. Miss Tyler-Smith's cousin chose a very interesting entrance to his wedding. He is also a mountain biker and wake-boarder and surfer. His site is called 1life because he believes that we all have one life to live and that we should make the most of it.

Here is an email interview we did with Darren:

Hello Darren

We are in Miss Tyler-Smith's class (Mandy's cousin Claire) at St Joseph's Marist College.
We are doing a research project on skateboarding. She suggested I write to you and ask you a few questions.
1. What kind of skateboard do you have?
2. We saw your mountain bike video - what kind of bike do you have? Where do you ride?
3. We also saw your wedding wakeboard show, was it hard to learn to do that? Did you get wet at all? What was the trick?
4. What kind of surf board do you have? Where do you surf? Who taught you? How often do you surf?
5. Why is your site called 1life?

Do you have any advice for a young person?
Kane and Adin 


Hi Kane and Adin

No problem :-) its a pleasure to "meet you"

1. I have a custom made Alpha longboard (with trucks and wheels that Stuart Bradburn used to win world champs downhill).
And a Carver from Los Angeles. And an Element street board
2. I have a Specialized Stumpjumper, and I ride in Tokai mostly.
3. I have done a lot of Wakeboarding and wake skating. I competed in SA champs. And thought that would be a fun way to arrive. Also my wife and I met at a time when we used to wakeboard with friends. So it seemed fitting. I didn't get wet, but had a backup suit in case :-) some friends were betting money that I wouldn't make it.
4. I have 6 surfboards, Clayton 6'2, 5'8, 6'6, 6'4 and a DVG 5'11, and a Built 6'4.
5. I surf mainly at Llandudno and have travelled around the world. I got back from my 4th trip to Bali 2 weeks ago. I learnt by myself and did coaching with Clayton- the guy that made most of my boards. I have a lot to learn.  Right now I am not surfing as much as usual. The weather hasn't been very cooperative and I was spoilt in Bali. Normally 2-3 time per week.
5. My site is called D1Life. I have a business called d-one. And when I wanted to create my lifestyle site, I didn't want to have 2 different names and business cards etc. so I combined them and named it D-One Lifestyle Engineer, as it can fit both businesses.

Right now I am talking to some of the leaders in self development about creating an organization that creates flow in other organizations, thereby increasing profit, results and positive energy.
We did a workshop on the weekend with our first client, and got very positive feedback. I'm really excited about it.

I learnt a lot at in Bali and am seeing someone from there tomorrow to learn some more. I do have advice for young people. And I believe very strongly in it:
Stay connected to your heart, and follow where it leads you.
People will give you advice based on the experiences they have had in their lives, let it lift you up, and don't follow it if it drags you down.

Sending hi fives

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