Friday, 6 September 2013

Electronic Pen Pals!

I have signed our class up on the site in the hopes of finding some lovely classes from around the World to chat to, and even another 9-12 Montessori class. 


This is what our profile says:


Claire Tyler-Smith

Profile Name: Montessori 9-12 Class
School: xxx
Region: South Africa, Africa
Language(s): English
# of Students: 19
Age Range: 9-12
Collaboration: Email Exchange

About my classroom:

We are a Montessori 9-12 yr mixed age class of 19 students from Cape Town, South Africa.
We are creative and curious and interested in using technology in the classroom. We have a class blog, as well as a pinterest and a twitter account. We publish our creative writing online and love to share what we do with others. We would love to form friendships with classes/teachers/children from around the world.

We have had three emails from teachers in America so far:


Nicole Jones

Profile Name: 7th Grade MYP Classes
School: JN Fries Magnet School
Region: North Carolina, USA, North America
Language(s): English
# of Students: 41+
Age Range: 11-13
Collaboration: Email Exchange, Project Workspace, Skype / Video Chat

About my classroom:

I teach 7th grade Language Arts and Social Studies within an International Baccalaureate program . I currently teach six classes (on an A/B schedule) and see approx. 100 students every other day. I would like to provide my students with an opportunity to interact and learn from peers in different areas of the world.


My name is Nicole Jones and I teach 7th grade History
and English in North Carolina (USA).  My students are
enrolled in a program that focuses on cultural
awareness and global perspectives.  Communicating with
your students would be a wonderful opportunity for

If you are interested, please let me know!


Nicole Jones


Amy Steadman

Profile Name: Mrs. Steadman's Students
School: Derby Sixth Grade Center
Region: Kansas, USA, North America
Language(s): English
# of Students: 21-30
Age Range: 11-13
Collaboration: Email Exchange, Project Workspace, Skype / Video Chat

About my classroom:

I have 22 students in 6th grade. They are the ages of 10-12, depending on what time of year it is. These students see me for Gifted services, or services for students with higher abilities than most. I would love for my class to participate in a project with another class from around the world! My students speak English as their primary language, and I know they'd love to talk with students from other languages with the aid of an online translator. We are looking for a project that we can spend about 30 minutes each week on and it can last anywhere from a quarter of a school year to an entire year. Our students have iPads and we are very interested in learning of others' cultures, so I'd like something that would mix the two, maybe one where we shared pictures from our culture.

Are you still looking for ePals? I have a class of 22 students, 11
years old in America. We are looking for ePals from across the
world. Let me know if you are interested as my students would love
to begin soon!


Valerie Shaw

Profile Name: Eastern Hemisphere Students
School: West Intermediate School
Region: Michigan, USA, North America
Language(s): English
# of Students: 41+
Age Range: 11-13
Collaboration: Email Exchange, Project Workspace, Skype / Video Chat

About my classroom:

My 7th grade social studies class studies the eastern hemisphere. Would you like to teach us about where you live? We would be excited to learn about your favorite foods, your school, things you like to do and everything else where your live. Please email us if you would like to communicate. We are in the USA and are ages 11-13. I have 4 classes of 30 students. However, we can match up as few or as many students as you wish. We could also communicate from class to class so the whole class would communicate as 1.
We are very interested in communicating. Please let me
know if you are still looking for students to
communicate with.

Thank you,

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  1. Before electronic Pen Palling is conceptualized, sending letters through snail mail have already made its mark. :)


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