Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Upcoming Inca History Theme

Next term we will be learning about the Inca Empire.

Here are a few resources and games to play:
My Pinterest Inca board:
National Geographic Wbsite:

Here is what we know so far: There is a faous Inca site called Machu Pichu in Peru
 They ate lots of grains, corn, beans, avo and milk
 They had to travel the very rocky steep Andies Mountains to send messages from the North of the Empire to the South
 They love the colours red and aquamarine
 They build houses of stone
 They had no language but they count count. They used a "quipu"
 They loved bright colours and head dresses
 Potatoes come from Peru/The Incas. There are more varieties of potatoes than just the round ones we eat in South Africa.
Here are some more very good research sites:

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