Thursday, 13 June 2013

Our outing to The Centre for Conservation Education

The Centre for Conservation Education (CCE) teaches environmental education to Western Cape Education Department learners. The centre aims to serve 1,03 million learners and 31 500 teachers at 1 700 schools throughout the Western Cape.

The Centre for Conservation Education in Wynberg, Cape Town (which incorporates the Education Museum) was started in 1989. Under the auspices of the Western Cape Education Department, the Centre teaches environmental education to primary and secondary school groups. But the school, in whose building and spirit the Centre operates, is much older than that and is, in fact, the oldest existing school in Wynberg.

The girls in their white cotton pinafores.
Miss Menas helping Kane with his waistcoat.
The boys dressing in waistcoats, neckerchiefs and caps.

 Victorian lesson time
 Mr Fortuin, our teacher
 Views of the classroom
 The teacher's desk
 The pennies we paid for the day at school
 Slate boards and slate pencils
Jawad folding his waistcoat
 Rizwaan touching the cane
 The ink used for dip pens
Bells, with labels, representing every school in the western cape that has closed.

 Lunch time - note the Victorian lunch items, wrapped in brown paper, in baskets or tins.

Visiting Address and Contact
Centre for conservation education (Cape Education Museum)
Contact the programme co-ordinator at
Sigi Howse (the programme co-ordinator)
Centre For Conservation Education
9 Aliwal Road, Wynberg, 7800
Tel: 021 762 1622
Fax: 021 762 8690

End of term own choice projects

 Rizwaan is knitting a scarf
Khaya is researching Real Madrid's top 50 players
Seth is researching the NBA
Kane is making an electronic boat
Tomas is making a stop motion short film using Lego men and hand made costumes
Adam is making a "cheat book" for a few of his favourite  XBox games and Neo is creating his own computer game by UDK.

Cooking Show photos


Marzia made her family's Barry Trifle
Neo made his creamy chocolate shake
Nina made her perfectly presented strawberry wobbly pie

Adam made healthy and delicious wraps