Thursday, 21 November 2013

All about me MEME

  1. What time did I wake up this morning?
  2. What do I like most about myself.
  3. What do I like least about myself.
  4. Can you sing?
  5. Can you dance?
  6. Can you swim?
  7. Year you were born?
  8. Favorite colour?
  9. What scares me most?
  10. My favourite subjects at school?
  11. What time do you go to bed?
  12. I live at home with . . . 
  13. My favourite thing to do is . . .
  14. My favourite thing to eat is . . .  
  15. When I get cross I . . .
  16. Sometimes I worry because . . . 
  17. My favourite book is . . .
  18. When I grow up I want to be . . .
  19. Things that make me smile...
  20. Things that irritate me...
  21. My favourite TV show?
  22. My favourite movie...
  23. My favourite meal..
  24. If I had R100...

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Christmas at school

 I have had absolutely NO input into what they chose to do. All I did was show them my pins on and give them free reign all day. This is what they created.I didn't even take the photos - they did.

Friday, 15 November 2013

The Best of the M9-12 Exam Answers this Year

"A bird in the hand...will peck you!"
"Too many cooks...make too much food"
"You can lead a horse to water...but it prefers hay"
"A penny saved...isn't much"
A chip off the old block... means making stuff out of wood.

History Q: Name an animal the Incas kept.
A: Picachu

History Q: Describe the Inca's homes.
A: It was ok but they didn't have pinterest, so it wasn't great. They had no windows and no doors because they didn't know about doors. They were sphere shaped.

The Incas Lived in Egypt and were destroyed by the Greeks. Their king was called the "super" Inca!(Sapa Inca) They rode around on Guinea pigs and ate tacos

Why did the Inca become so successful? I think they became successful because they had really high self esteem and they didn't give up!

Why did the Inca empire end?
I think it ended because there was this Spainish(sp) guy who was power hungry and he just wanted to kill everyone. He just came with his armer(sp) and just attacked. The Incas were too stupid to hide away.   But some did. That's how we know what happened.

Geography Q: Name produces produced by the fishing Industry.
A: fishfingers, chips, fish, surf and turf.

Science Q: How do you prove that air exists in water?
A: You google it!

Grammar Q: List the degrees of comparison for "dead"
A: A little bit dead, mostly dead, very dead.