Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Age Appropriate Chores


  1. This is a good list! I had to look up the meaning of the word 'swiffer'! We have added 'brush the dog' and 'make the packed lunch' to the list as well as 'taking the kitchen waste to the recycling bin' and 'watering the garden'. But good to know we can get the kids to clean the toilet now!

  2. @Kathryn Cupido

    A very good (and interesting) list indeed!
    May there be much child lead swiffing in your future.


  3. I'd like to see some 6-8 year old's hang laundry! I'm not sure I agree with the list on what's age appropriate, but definitely agree chores to start as early as possible and should be age appropriate. I also include other repeatable tasks like make sure the windows /curtains are opened in the morning - Not hard but still requiring a sense of ownership of the task.


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