Monday, 17 February 2014

School Camp Out

On the weekend our school held it's annual Family Camp Out. 
Each family brought a tent and pitched them in a circle around the oval field. Dads braai'd (BBQ) while mums made the salads. There were water slides, a jumping castle, cricket, soccer and two big screen TVs, one showing cartoons and the other showed the local Sharks vs Bulls rugby game for the Dads.

Miss Tyler-Smith helped at the tuck-shop stand and sold juice, water, boerewors rolls, glow sticks and Pokemon cards.

Here are some of the responces from our class:
Neo: It was awesome!
Jessica: I brought a friend from another school. We walked around with glow sticks as earrings.
Khaya: I played on the soccer tournament and I scored a goal.
Tomas: I bought an uncountable number of pokemon cards! Then I traded them with the other kids.
Jawad: It was interesting because we could walk around the school which we normally arent allowed to do because the teachers wont let us. And we could watch TV while we were in our tents.
Azraah: Iyt was fantastic. We broke into the castle illigally. Our school built a castle on it's grounds for fund raising events. There were creeking scary noises and we ran out scared.



  1. Dear Ms Tyler-Smith
    I wish I was there it sounded awesome

  2. Dear Ms Tyler-Smith
    I enjoyed the camp out. If you came earlier, you would have seen how small the water slides were. I did not go in them because last year the school put sunlight liquid in slides.
    I hope you enjoyed the camp
    PS:There were 3 big screen Tvs

  3. Brylee,room1,auroa, New Zealand
    Hi, it looks like you guys had a lot of fun on your family camp outs.

  4. Brylee,room1,Auroa,New Zealand
    Hi, it looks you guys had a whole of fun on your family outings.

  5. The school camp-out is the highlight of our year... Has been for 7 years running :-). All our camping equipment is purchased solely for use at this event and waits in the garage for next year.

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