Wednesday, 26 February 2014

We can make dinner!

We discussed Rights and responsibilites in Life Orienattion today and the topic of chores at home was discussed. Some children in our class do many chores, even equal to what their parents do, but some children do no chores. We made a challenge to everyone in the add a chore to their normal list. Grade 4s have to put their clothes in the laundry basket and make their own bed.
Grade fives have to offer to feed their pet without being asked.
Grade 6s have to offer to make a meal/part of a meal, everyday for a week.

They then have to take a photo to prove they've done it!
Below is the evidence after day one...let's hope the turn out improves...
Summer made a very healthy meal of fish, potato wedges and a delicious salad with mango. 
  Tomas made a nutritious and delicious dinner for his family.


  1. Hi Ms Tyler
    So only three children out of all the grade sixes made dinner! No Class Dojo points for them then! Who made the second meal? It doesn't have a label.
    Regards, Imogen

  2. @Imogen - The top two were made by Summer. Both got DOUBLE kindness points.

  3. Hi, the dinners looks delicious!!! It looks very healthy. It makes me hungry ,but I already ate. Your parents must've enjoyed it. :)


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