Saturday, 6 September 2014

Potjie Day at School

A potjie ("little pot" in Afrikaans) is a dish cooked in an iron pot over a fire. It is a traditional South African meal and is delicious. It consists of layers of vegetable and meats with a wonderful gravy.  The trick to the flavour is that the potjie is not stirred until serving.
Today or school held a potjie competition to see which family could make the most delicious potjie. Then each family sold the potjie meals with rice to raise money for the school.
The winning family's potjie consisted of oxtail and red wine. 

The tuck shop sold tea and coffee as well as tickets for a portion of potjie once it was ready. This was my duty for the day.  
Miss van Niekerk, the organiser of the day. 
Mr Grove, our principal, announcing the winner. 
The winning potjie, oxtail and red wine. I bought a ticket for this pone and it was DE-LICIOUS! 
A better look at the pot's shape. 
Serious business! One family's table for just one pot! 
How the potjie is cooked. 
SO many people attended. 
The five judges took their job VERY seriously! 

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