Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Data handling

We created or own bar graphs and filled in tallies by asking or friends questions about their preferences.


  1. hi it jawad well done to all the student that work well in math

  2. hello it jawad well done to all the students that work well in math

  3. Dear: Miss Tyler-Smith
    I think that they(including me) are having fun with their bar graph work. The pictures look really interesting and pretty.

    From: Kiona

  4. Dear Ms Tyler-Smith
    It was really fun making the bar graphs and some of the children might not like the data handling book but I sure do!

    From Imogen

  5. Dear Miss Tyler-Smith
    I am commenting on the behalf of myself because Imran looks so cute doing his maths.
    Thank you for posting (almost) everyday.
    I hope there are no more ANAS for the rest of the week.
    Signing off (literally)

  6. Dear Miss Tyler
    I think the bar graph work was so fun and I think everyone enjoyed the bar graph work.

  7. Dear Miss tyler
    I thionk the bar graph was really fun and every one enjoyed it


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