Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Easter bunny came! !

Time capsules

Our theme this term is time travel.  My class brought ten things from home that they would want to put in a time capsule to only be opened in 2064.

Some very interesting choices, Monties!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Our outing to Josephine Mill

In the bus on the way to Josephine Mill, only 1, 5km from our school.
 The mill from the outside

 This is what the mill looked like before it was restored.
 Tony Davenport, our tour guide.
Listening to Mr Davenport talk about the history of the mill. 
Seeing the old fashioned farming tools that were used to harvest the wheat. 
The wheat before its ground by the mill. We were allowed to eat some.
The Miller grinding the wheat in the stone mill. 
Watching the wheat come out of the hopper. 
Princess Josephine of Sweden. 
 The actual water wheel that drives the mill.

 We watched the water make the wheel turn.
Downstairs, below the mill, where the cogs and wheels turn the mill.

Afterwards we ate bread that Miss Tyler-Smith Smith had brought and fresh, natural honey.
Some comments from the children: 
  • "This was the best bread I've ever eaten!" (Imran)
  • "It was very fun, I confess" (Adam)
  • "My best part was when we saw the tiny cockroaches (weevils) in the flour" (Matthew)
  • "My favourite was when we saw the water wheel move and the smell of the freshly crushed wheat." (Adin)
  • "My highlight was when we saw a gecko on the water wheel and watched it turn and go into the water" (Summer)
  • "I loved the gecko best" (Imogen)
  • My favourite part was seeing how wheat is turned into flour" (Mrs Julius)
  • "My favourite part was when we got to eat! (Jawad)
  • "I loved the vibrations in the floor when they switched the mill on." (Skye)
  • "I liked it when I answered a question and Tony said I was a smart kid!" (Torin)
  • "I liked seeing how the cogs and wheels all fit together and all moved together." (Khaya)
  • "I loved seeing how everything worked. I also liked eating the wheat" (Azraah)
  • "My favourite part was going outside and seeing the wheel start to move from the water" (Kiona)
  • "My favourite part was watching the children's faces, and learning about the history of my home town." (Miss Tyler-Smith)


Friday, 4 April 2014

The month of April so far

The view from my classroom window with sparkles waiting to be used. 
Craft supplies 
A birthday card and gift of a stamp and ink pad for our music teacher. 
A gingerbread man for the Grade 2 teacher at our school who was having a tough week and loves Gingerbread :) 
School at 7am in autumn (fall) in Cape Town 
My birthday presents all laid out and a card from Khaya.