Monday, 27 October 2014

My trip to Armenia by Imran (Grade 4)

In Armenia there were some great sites. Here is where I went in total:

  • Dinners (3 traditional feasts hosted by my new aunt’s family who are from Armenia)
  • A Water Park
  • Republic Square
  • A 5 star apartment
  • My uncle’s wedding
  • A 9D show at the cinema
  • An ancient church from the 7th century
  • A monastery from the 1st century
  • The Blue Mosque
  • The Opera House cars
  • The Cascades
  •  KFC
  •  McDonalds - at Dubai Airport

In Armenia we went to several dinners and at every dinner there was VODKA (not for children of course). The first dinner was at a restaurant called, Tavern Yerevan…. Yerevan is the capital of Armenia.At one such an occasion this man, Benno, did this party trick with homemade vodka where he lit his arms after pouring vodka on it. DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME KIDS!!!

There were children my age – below there is a picture of myself and Robert, a 10 year old Armenian boy. It just shows you, no matter where you go 10 year old boys are all the same. Into soccer, Nike and PSPs J

At the Water park, we were lucky to get in because it was the last day that the park would be open. This is because in Armenia in September, the summer is just ending. Here is my brother and I catching some sun.

The Armenian currency is the dram and for each R1 of South African money, you would get 40dram. We flew to Armenia via Dubai airport and there the currency is Dirham, although they also allow you to pay with US dollars. Here is a picture of some money that came out of my mom’s wallet at the end of our trip… Rands, Dollars, Dirham and Dram:
Near to where we stayed, was The Opera House and outside the Opera House was a huge open space with vendors renting out mini cars and bikes that kids could drive.  My brother and I went several times.

When we went to Republic Square, there were loads of water fountains like this one. Republic Square is the middle of the city.

We went to a 9D show and we could smell the smells in the movie and felt water on us when water was sprayed in the movie. Shortly afterward we had ice-cream.

The day after the wedding I climbed a mountain called mount Aragat,it is 3000 ft higher than Table mountain. I took 10 breaks every 1 hr and the hike was 5 hrs,at the top I was so tired I slepped on the rocks.

We went to an ancient monastery and there were caves carved into the mountains where if you shouted it would echo.

We also went to the Blue Mosque, when we went inside and had to take off our shoes. Yusuf acted SUPER CRAZY!!! I tried to calm him down…..but unfortunately  it didn’t work, so we had to leave.

The wedding was SUPER COOOOOL!!! There was a dancing old lady who nobody knew.If I rated the cake 1-10,it would be a………..6 wa wa waa.The floor was slippery so I did the Moon Walk!!!

On the way back, at Dubai airport, we went to a McDonalds with an item on their menu that I had never tasted before… McWings… They tasted SUPER GOOD!!!  I also saw this beautiful Ferrari at the airport

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Data handling

We created or own bar graphs and filled in tallies by asking or friends questions about their preferences.