Thursday, 25 September 2014

Gift is a gift!

Our estate staff handyman, Gift, can fix anything.  
He fixed our broken desk lids this afternoon.  
Torin was fascinated and watched the entire procedure.  
Next time Torin will know what to do and can fix them himself. :)

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Art display

Gift,  or ground staff member, is putting up display boards for our at work.  
Can you spot the influences of these at work pieces? 

Can you see Roald Dahl's Enormous Crocodile?
Can you see Kandinsky's colour circles?

Heritage Day

Tomorrow is heritage day.  We have the day off school.  Here is a picture of Sweetness, one of our ground staff members. She had dressed up as a Xhosa woman as this is her heritage.  Isn't she beautiful?!

Friday, 19 September 2014

Tidy up time

Khaya is doing such a good job of sweeping. 
As soon as the class is tidy we will read 
"The Witches" and hand or the COURTESY badge.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Blogging Ideas for Blogging Club

1. Instagram round up
2. Current book you're reading
3. Pictures from your weekend
4. An hour-by-hour picture post
5. Share a list
6. A simple tutorial
7. A weekend DIY project
8. What's inspiring you lately?
9. Recent Pinterest finds
10. Your favorite accounts on Instagram
11. A recipe or meal idea
12. Share a collection
13. Write a post that's helpful for someone
14. Share a personal story
15. Create a wish list
16. Talk about something you've learned in the past year
17. Seasonal/holiday inspiration
18. Share a Q&A post
19. Make a vlog!
20. Share about one of your hobbies
21. Write a color-themed post
22. Have any tips that could be helpful? Share them.
23. Share a story about a time you failed at something but learned from it. What did you learn?
24. Review something you recently bought
25. Do a tag post, like the 10 Things You Don't Know About Me tag
26. Write a post about your hero/who you look up to
27. Do a 30 day challenge (photography, fitness, DIY, etc)
28. Share your thoughts on something you believe in/are passionate about
29. Do a home/apartment/room tour
30. Show how you organize something in your home
31. Share fashion or home decor inspiration
32. Going on holiday? Share photos!
33. Write about something you need help with and let your readers give you advice
34. Share some positivity and encouragement for others
35. Share some of your silly habits
36. Write a post highlighting your favorite places around your city
37. Make a list of your current goals
38. Have a pet peeve? Talk about it.
39. Create a list of blogs/websites you love to check out
40. Share a joke
41. Write about a childhood memory/tradition
42. Share old photos, like a Throwback Thursday
43. Post a roundup of helpful blog posts/articles you've read
44. Do a 'Day In The Life' post
45. Are you an expert at something? Share tips!
46. Talk about why you started blogging and why you love it
47. Teach your readers how to do something
48. Create a playlist
49. What's in your bag?
50. Write a post about your most treasured possession

The Witches by Roald Dahl

We are currently reading The Witches in class for book month.

Xhosa class

Matthew is working so nicely while Miss Jonas marks the class Xhosa tests.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Book Month

We were bored with our usual desk layout so we decided to get a little crazy...and put our desks in an "X" formation. 

Art Class

We made dream catchers in Art Class.
Here is Imogen, Adam and Kane. 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

70 000 !!!

Our blog has reached 70 000 visitors! We are very excited. 
Our goal is 100 000 by the end of the year.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Afrikaans Mondeling

Today the Grade 4s made fruit kebabs and the 6s made toast.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Potjie Day at School

A potjie ("little pot" in Afrikaans) is a dish cooked in an iron pot over a fire. It is a traditional South African meal and is delicious. It consists of layers of vegetable and meats with a wonderful gravy.  The trick to the flavour is that the potjie is not stirred until serving.
Today or school held a potjie competition to see which family could make the most delicious potjie. Then each family sold the potjie meals with rice to raise money for the school.
The winning family's potjie consisted of oxtail and red wine. 

The tuck shop sold tea and coffee as well as tickets for a portion of potjie once it was ready. This was my duty for the day.  
Miss van Niekerk, the organiser of the day. 
Mr Grove, our principal, announcing the winner. 
The winning potjie, oxtail and red wine. I bought a ticket for this pone and it was DE-LICIOUS! 
A better look at the pot's shape. 
Serious business! One family's table for just one pot! 
How the potjie is cooked. 
SO many people attended. 
The five judges took their job VERY seriously! 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

How I support positive habits and behaviours in my class

I recently drew up a list of ways that students in my class are supported and encouraged to succeed, I thought it might be of interest to you.

❏ All projects that require support from parents have detailed briefs and rubrics handed out before the project begins and Rubrics are completed after. This is to ensure that the correct information goes home. 
❏ Binding or stapling of work books  to prevent loss of pages.
❏ Blog used for downloadable calendar pages and briefs/info on projects. Include valuable links to quality websites.
❏ Briefs for all projects and themes in detail, broken down into chunks, include due dates and assessment criteria.
❏ Carpet talks/lessons with Grade 4s at the front. Small group teaching for Languages and Maths.
❏ I check email +/-4 times a day in case parents have concerns/questions
❏ Miss Menas checks that the correct books are in the bags in afternoons for first 6 months
❏ Miss Menas and I check diaries twice daily for 6 months and in the mornings only after that
❏ Pegs outside for bags have a name tag made by the students. This encourages taking pride in their belongings and respecting others' space.
❏ Class Dojos ( to encourage and reward good behaviours and habits (see long list of reward choices pasted into your child's diary)
❏ Computer skills  taught daily on class computer
❏ Diaries are detailed and complete with page numbers and due dates, always give enough time to complete work. Each item is discussed and explained at pack up time at 2:15pm. Subjects are colourful and clearly labeled on the board, with Grade labels to help show work specific to each Grade.
❏ Extra lessons at exam time as needed
❏ Extra week of revision in class before exams (not offered in mainstream)
❏ Flash drives for research and documentaries to enrich learning
❏ Colourful Flip file subject labels printed by me to help with organisation
❏ General Flip file to help organise loose pages
❏ Internet offered at school after work is complete and afternoons daily till 5pm with permission and prior permission from Homework club teacher
❏ Memos handed out for all workbook Questions in case correct answer was not recorded by student
❏ Mentors for Grade 4s throughout the year
❏ Mind mapping workshop given in term one and mind maps used throughout the year
❏ Mind-maps used in class for all writing tasks
❏ Pre-cut worksheets to save time
❏ Proof reading slips used for all writing tasks with space for peer evaluation
❏ Wet wipes, tissues, moisturizer, anti bacterial liquid soap and air freshener on my desk for students to feel more at home and cared for
❏ My own bright and cheerful stickers for their books handed out liberally
❏ Rubrics to make marking objective and show weak areas to be improved
❏ School library offers research books daily and at break
❏ Star charts to reward academic work/improvement. For every 10 stars, students are allowed to choose a prize from the prize box. Prizes include things like stickers, special pencils, mini tubes of moisturiser, small toys, tennis balls, note pads, cosmetic jewelry, novelty erasers, craft supplies, marbles, finger boards and bookmarks.
❏ Stationery checks done monthly to ensure all stationery in class
❏ "Think sheets" for poor behaviour choices as well as mediation within the classroom for conflict resolution
❏ “While you were away” packs for children who are absent, detailing what was covered and copies of any notes handed out.
❏ Extension work for fast finishers.
❏ Extensive bookshelf with 1000+ of my own personal books, both fiction and non fiction
❏ Healthy eating is encouraged and rewarded with dojo points
❏ Calligraphy lessons given to children interested and as support to those who struggle with handwriting
❏ Creative art and craft projects (with bedazzles!) throughout the term, to stop and celebrate life!
❏ Children encouraged to post their writing to the blog to show that writing can have a real purpose beyond the creative writing exercise book. Almost always they receive positive feedback from teachers and students from around the world.
❏ Photos of moments of good bahviour of hard work are captured and posted on the blog. Seeing their neat desk on the internet encourages and reinforces good habits.
❏ Champagne awards to children who show perseverance, respect and helpfulness handed out on Fridays in chapel.