Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Horrible Victorian Health by Tomas

During the Victorian times hospitals and doctors were not very good at all. Nobody understood what germs were and didn't know a lot about diseases and sickness. The hospitals were known as gateways to death because there was no such thing as anesthesia (pain killers). Only the wealthy could afford doctors to come to their house but the poor had to go to a charitable hospital for a workhouse infirmary.

Most people died from a deadly disease called Cholera. Cholera was a disease in dirty water with things like pee and poo in it. So when it was thrown onto the road it soaked into it and that is how people got the disease.

In the Victorian times they had very odd cures for illness.some people made home cures. A few of them are: for a cold they made you smell a moldy sock(they thought it would clear your head) and for a sore throat they made you wear a red bandage around your neck.

Of course it did get better and better over the years but before that the death rate of children five and under had recorded deaths of over 50 per cent. In those times you could die very easily like if you got kicked in the face by a horse.

The Victorian medical equipment was just as bad as the health. They used artificial leeches that ripped open your skin and sucked the blood out of you because they believed that when you were sick you had an evil spirit living inside you. The doctors sucked the blood from you until your face turned pale. They also used other cruel instruments. Now you can see how horrible the Victorians were.I hope you learned a lot from this report. Thank you.


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