Friday, 20 June 2014

Outing to Seal Island and Fish on the Rocks take aways

Our Montessori 9-12 class went on an outing to Hout Bay harbour. We went on a boat tour to seal island and then went out for fish and chips.
Each child was given money and we practiced how to order food politely.


  1. That looks very nice! What were they selling at that shop? The person in the maroon coloured beanie looked so scared!

  2. Hello,

    Our names are Umarah and Keilah. We go to WPPA. We are learning about South Africa and we are very interested in what your like is like there.

    We are interested in your school trip. Why did you decide not to wear school uniform? Do you wear uniform normally at school? Did you enjoy your fish and chips?

    We would love it if you could look at our blog and tell us how we are doing in our South African learning.

    Goodbye, from Umarah and Keilah

  3. @Anonymous

    The girl in the Maroon beanie WAS VERY scared, she also laughed when she read your comment.

    The cafe was selling coffee. The children thought that buying a cup of coffee was very grown up...but regretted it when it meant they only had one hand to hold onto the boat later! haha

    @Umarah and Keilah

    Thank you for your lovely comment. We visited your blog and left comments of our own.


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