Thursday, 14 March 2013

General Knowledge

1.      What major cycling race took place in the city yesterday?  Cape Argus Cycle Tour
2.      Which cricketer scored a century for South Africa in their first one-day international against Pakistan?  Colin Ingram
3.      On the slopes of which mountain range are the Cango Caves?  Outeniqua
4.      Identify the planet from the following clue: I am the brightest object in the sky and am named after the Roman goddess of Beauty.  Venus
5.      Which is the world’s largest species of lizard?  Komodo Dragon
6.      What is the technique called of cutting food into small, even cubes?  Dicing
7.      Name the American president who was assassinated in 1963?  John F Kennedy
8.      According to the title of the film and musical, where did the fiddler fiddle?  On the roof
9.      What is the meaning of the prefix poly?  Many
10.  Use the clue to work out the identity of the nursery rhyme characters:
Handicapped rodents mutilated by victim in chase Three Blind Mice

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