Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tips on creating a GREAT project, by M9-12 (UNEDITED)

  • Put your name on it (Khaya)
  • Put on lots of pictures.Follow the instctions. Before you glue it look at where you are going to put the things.Make sure your emformation is age opropiet. Use a geletine for cuttin. Think before you do anything! (Adin)
  • Use Lap Booking. Have a border around your poster. Use proper spelling. Write butiful. Use a bibliography. (Summer)
  • Add colour to your pictures. They look better than black and white. Put a lot of effort into it. It will look better than you think. Ad flaps and scrolls to fit more information onto your poster. Leave a bit of space inbetween your things. If you want, use bling stickers to dazzle it up! (Tomas)
  • Make a nice heading, Use the right spellin. Have fun doing it! (Seth)
  • Read the Brief! Give your writing a border. Put your information in your own words. (Neo)
  • Add difrent letters of typing (fonts) to make it fanceiy. Read throo the project for misteaks. (Jawad)
  • Keep a record of your references (books and internet) to make your bibliography at the end. Type it and it will be neat. (Marzia)
  • Black is a nice poster colour. Put your name on your poster. (Rizwaan)
  • Use different types of research: Internet, books, interviews, newspaper cuttings, photos. (Nina)
  • Make your pictures and writing aligned. Always make your project exciting and when using bubble letters, colour it in. Don't use more than 3 colours on your poster. Stick with the theme. (e.g. no butterfly stickers on a poster about World War II) (Zoe)
  • Don't roll your poster into a tight scroll or everything you stuck onto your poster will go curly. Do things to make your poster stand out. Use real objects on your poster according to your theme. (Imogen)

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