Monday, 5 August 2013

How the Koi fish got it's black and white colouring by Khaya (aged 9yrs)

Long, long ago there were black fish that lived in the river, the fish were called Khoi.

 A boy would sit beside the river eating his porridge with milk.  His name is Takeshi. He liked staring at the fish, he found it fun.  He had three friends, their names were Ren, Haro and Kenji.  They played in the gardens and the playground.  They liked playing playstation, xbox and computer games.  They also played soccer, cricket and tennis.  They always played with each other, and liked to relax with their favourite drinks which were Coke and Pepsi.  When it was hot they would spend their time splashing and splashing in the river.  When it was cold they would play soccer.

One day they were playing by the river but Takeshi could not because he had to carry milk to his home.  ‘Stop, you are going to knock the milk over!’  They did not listen and knocked the bucket of milk and it splashed into the river.  That’s how the Khoi got its black and white colour.


  1. Miss Tyler Smith
    Thank you so much for your comments on our class page in New Zealand, we really appreciate the feedback that you left for our students. We featured your page in a post and I was expecting a whole lot of comments as our students loved the Pyramid link - I think that it was the one that nearly everyone checked out or did but nearly no-one left a comment on your page so I need to fix that up for tomorrow. (!)

    Yes for some reason getting the visitors to your site can be difficult but attracting comments even more so, we wish that everyone who visited our page would leave a comment.

    I read your writing and enjoyed your story about how the Khoi got its spots - I think that you used the milk in a really clever way because I think that the spots or patterns in the picture does look like it was split milk!

    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato. New Zealand.

  2. Dear Khaya

    I really enjoyed your Japanese folk tale about the Koi fish you should keep on writing stories

    From:Adam (11 years) Montessori 9-12 Cape Town, South Africa


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