Monday, 5 August 2013

How the panda became black and white by Adam (aged 11yrs)

Long ago there was a little girl named Chiyo and she had a little brother named Yoshirou. Chiyo and Yoshirou’s mom used to tell them stories about a white panda that lived in the forest. The panda lived in a small cave at the end of the forest. Chiyo and Yoshirou loved the story about the whitepanda. Their mom told them that the white panda catches fish by the River near the small cave. The panda always goes there because of the big fish.
When people came to look for the panda.The panda would often run away by climbing trees. The panda likes to eat bamboo off the trees. Chiyo and Yoshirou used to find the pandas paw prints. They would often follow them in the forest. But they would often lead to the middle of nowhere in the forest.
5年後 (5 years later)
Chiyo is 13 years old and Yoshirou is 10 years old. They don’t believe in the white panda anymore. One day Chiyo and Yoshirou were walking in the forest. They found bait on the ground. Yoshirou had an idea. The laid the bait on the floor. They didn’t know that the panda was behind them. Yoshirou heard a noise and he looked back. They saw the panda. The panda, Chiyo and Yoshirou were best friends. While they were playing the panda got caught in black tree sap. Chiyo and Yoshirou helped the get unstuck and now the panda was black and white
そしてパンダは白と黒になりましたどのように厥 (and that’s how the panda became black and white)
終わり (The End)


  1. Hello.
    I like the story a lot. It is very well written. The panda picture is very cute and I like the Japanese writing.

  2. Dear Adam
    I really enjoyed your story.
    The Japanese writing was really cool.
    Keep up the good work



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